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Gemini Zodiac Necklace (Horizontal)

$ 65.00
Harness the power of the stars with this Gemini Zodiac Necklace. A subtle reminder of that which you are destined for.

★ The Horizontal Gemini Necklace from the "Children Of The Zodiac" collection by Patrick Simon consists of the Gemini astrological symbol, Air alchemical symbol, which is the ruling element associated with Gemini and a variation of the Mercury alchemical symbol, which is the ruling metal associated with the Gemini sign.

★Dimensions for pendant are:

Height: 18mm
Width: 42mm
Depth: 2.8mm

★Necklace comes in Stainless Steel and chain length is 24inches.

Zodiac Dates:

Capricorn ★ Dec 22-Jan 20
Aquarius ★ Jan 21-Feb 19
Pisces ★ Feb 20-Mar 20
Aries ★ Mar 21- Apr 19
Taurus ★ Apr 20-May 20
Gemini ★ May 21-June 21
Cancer ★ Jun 22- Jul 23
Leo ★ Jul 24- Aug 23
Virgo ★ Aug 24-Sept 22
Libra ★ Sept 23-Oct 22
Scorpio ★ Oct 23-Nov 22
Sagittarius ★ Nov 23- Dec 21

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